Simplify contractor management with 
superior Contractor-Of-Record service

Seamlessly onboard, manage, and pay contingent workers in 100+ countries backed by support teams.
Single contract

Condense endless contracts, invoices, and NDAs with your freelancers into one agreement with us, saving thousands 
of admin hours.

Global compliance

Delegate us KYC and background checks in more than 100+ countries to always stay under local and international scrutiny.

Convenient payment

Non-employees can access over 30 local currencies seamlessly and withdraw earnings to cards, accounts, 
or crypto wallets.

Instant onboarding

With Mellow, you can manage thousands of contractors 
from anywhere in the world, creating your own talent pool.


World-class companies enjoy these benefits

Enjoy commitment-free scaling
We provide a pay-as-you-go pricing model starting with 2% to ensure you only pay when using Mellow.
No advance payments
No setup fees
No seat fixes
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Mellow - commitment-free scaling

How Mellow Works

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Invite the team of contractors
Allocate tasks, prices, deadlines
Make one-click payments
Get the result of work

Trust Through Reliability

Growth is confidence

Deloitte nominated us as one of the fastest-growing companies.

Deloitte about Mellow
Our business model is validated by local and global auditors, including Baker & McKenzie.
We are market pioneers with 10 years of experience and our business infrastructure.

What makes Mellow different

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One platform for all your contractors
Global payment platform, manage, and pay contractors in 190+ countries.
Global payment platform, manage, and pay contractors in 190+ countries.
Quick and convenient support service
 Withdrawal to bank cards, e-wallets, crypto or bank accounts in 190+ countries


How Skyeng smoothly manages 15,000 contractors to shape the future of education

Mellow's most significant advantages are fast onboarding, quality support at all stages, and a user-friendly interface.

Polina Prosikova
Head of Treasury
Admin time reduction
2 Employees
managing 15,000 contractors
96 Countries
Countries сompliance geography
Payout time decrease
How SumSub works with contractors from Brazil to Laos

Integrating Mellow has transformed our workflow, saving us hundreds of hours. Now, we can collaborate with talented individuals from around the globe and ensure prompt and hassle-free payouts.

Polina Prosikova
CFO of Sumsub
reduction in payout time
new hiring markets
team growth in two months
additional admin costs
How Joom Streamlined Global Contractor Management 

For us, Mellow is a trustworthy one-stop shop. There is no longer any headache around contracts, invoices, taxes, or payouts. I set a task, got the result, and sent the money to my external team.

Polina Prosikova
CFO on Sumsub
10 min
min average payout time
day time to onboard 450 contractors
reduction in admin time
Streamline your 
contractor management
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Streamline your 
contractor management